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SWRD Bandaranaike - Former Prime Minister

Galle Face Cove  is unlike any other property in this area. It is unique as it is the only registered homestay from pettah to Colpetty! It offers the unique advantage of being able to contact the  owner who also lives on the premises. You can choose whether to stay separately in a flat or not.  Whilst it is surronded by a number of 5, 6 and 7 star hotels , it remains unique in that we  offer a personal touch. You also get a feel of what it is to be able to live next to the Prime Minister's House and  cheek and jowl with the top restaurants, shopping malls and night clubs in Sri Lanka. The flats overlook the sea which gives you a fantastic feel and permits you to enjoy the setting of the sun in the evenings. It is literally the Cove next to the Galle Face. You also get the flexibility of trying out all the best eating spots in town, if you do not wish to  eat indoors! 


The land surronding this property originally belonged to the Church which currently also owns the St Thomas School next door. It was subsequently sold and bought by the John Keells Group who today have built many luxury condominums and hotels and shopping areas and the famous Cinnamon Grand Hotel.  


Galle Face Cove is part of the land which adjoins the famous Mahanuga Gardens, which is described in further detail on the website. The apartments also overlook the garden that once Mr Felix Dias Bandaranaike  (FDB), nephew of SWRD Bandaranaike, used to relax in, which is today being occupied by a law firm.


Sri Lanka Tourist Board License No. HSU/2016/0159


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The Homestay Owner

Galle Face Cove

Mrs Jayasundera  who is a  very keen sportswoman who has represented Sri Lanka.  She is accomplished  in many different sports and competed at National Levels. 

She is also a former banker  - with investment, development and commercial banks. Currently she is involved in training and development as well as tourism.

She is related to  Mr FDB.




Coming out of a Dive

Scuba Diving Enthusiast. Sailor. Cyclist. Kayaking. Horse riding. Tennis. Academia. Reading. Writing. Travelling.